Learn How to Prep for Interview Day!

The best way to ensure that you’ll have a successful interview and land the job is to prepare! Here are some great tips and takeaways to make sure you are ready to go on Interview Day.


Look up your interviewers on LinkedIn.

    • Who is in the room?
    • Are there any commonalities that you may share?
    • How does their role relate to the job? Prepare accordingly.

Practice and prepare.

    • Review these practice questions
    • Create a “cheat sheet.” 
      • Brainstorm ideas for answers to questions. 
      • Utilize this sheet as you practice. 
      • You can use this sheet while you do phone screens, because no one can see you! 
    • Practice answers with a live human being and not in your head.
    • Prepare concrete examples ahead of time that will work for a variety of behavioral style questions. 
      • Tell me about yourself. 
        • Major 
        • School 
        • Goals – connect to role 
        • 1 fun personal humanizing aspect 
      • Why should we hire you?
      • What is your greatest strength?
      • What is your greatest weakness?
      • Why this job, company, department, etc.?
      • How do you handle stress and pressure?
      • Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcame it. 
      • What are your long term goals?
      • Think of an example that involved conflict. How did you handle it?
      • Do you have a good example of a success or achievement? How did you get there?
      • Take a moment to consider what they’re really asking and showcase your skills and experiences. 
      • Highlight collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and professionalism.  
      • If you do mention a weakness or a skill that you need to work on – always close with how you are improving this now. 
      • Do you have any questions?
    • Ensure that you have questions prepared for the employer for the close of the interview. 
      • This is a great opportunity to show what you know about the organization 
      • Leverage this time to get to know folks that will potentially be your team members. 
        • What do they love about their jobs, the organization, etc.?

Research, research, research the company! 


Get ready ahead of time. 

    • Know what you’re wearing 
      • Wash and iron, if necessary! 
    • Know directions and travel time. 
    • Have extra copies of your resume printed. 
    • Have a pad and pen already packed and ready. 


Arrive at least 15 mins early. 


Communication Skills 

    • What is your body language saying?
      • Avoid crossing your arms 
      • A relaxed smile is always good! 
      • Firm handshake 
      • Maintain eye contact 
      • It’s okay to pause and think before answering a question 
      • Handshake at the closing of the interview 

Take notes! 

    • Copious notes are not necessary, but some notes on discussion points and areas of follow-up will be extremely helpful post-interview. 


Send a follow-up email within 24-48 hours of the interview.

    • Send to all interviewers and include the recruiter (or original point of contact) as well. 

Students should also circle back with Career Development Manager Gwen Snider to keep her in the loop.