How to Get the Interview

Congratulations on Applying! Now What to Do Next!

After you submit your resume, your potential employer may reach out to communicate with you to ask for more information or to set up an interview. Follow these tips and tricks for being ready to communicate and respond to your potential job/internship employer so that you present yourself like the very best candidate – even before your interview.

Be ready for follow-up.

  • Ensure that you are checking your email and mobile phone (Check your voicemail! Employers rarely send texts!)  regularly throughout the day. Employers generally use email for initial contact, but they may also call you. 
  • Contact your 10,000 Degrees Fellow or Advisor know that you have applied. Click here for their contact info. 
  • Contact Gwen Snider at if you’re applying for an internship that we’ve advertised. We usually have contacts at each company, so it’s great if we have your name and can advocate for you. 

Once your interview is scheduled, move on to Step 6: Prepare for Your Interview.