A: Make sure you’re ready by checking your phone messages and emails multiple times a day in the case an employer tries to contact you. Multiple internship hosts have mentioned to me that they’ve emailed students for an interview without a response. Don’t let this be your situation!! Being responsive to a potential new employer showcases your professionalism and communication skills. 

A: Please refer to our interview prep section for tips and techniques on how to present yourself in a positive, strength based way. Practice interview questions OUT LOUD with a mentor or friend. Prepare scenarios/examples for behavioral questions that address how you respond to conflict in the workplace, collaboration, success, high stress, etc. Feel free to connect with your fellow/advisor if you have more questions or need more tools to prepare. 

A: Your university/college has a Career Center that you should definitely check out for resources and additional guidance. Explore local opportunities within your university. You can also visit the academic department for your major and inquire about internships that directly relate to your field of interest.