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Follow these simple steps to find an internship opportunity that’s right for you and/or to receive support to put your best foot forward when you apply.

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Step 1

Check out opportunities, but don't apply yet!

Do your research.

See what job and internship opportunities are available.
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Step 2

Prepare Your Resume &
Cover Letter

It doesn’t have to be perfect!

Check out these resources to help guide you (and we’ll help you from there).
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Step 3

Contact Your 10KD Fellow

Phone or email.

Now that you’ve started creating a resume and cover letter, connect with your fellow/advisor who will review what you’ve done, give you feedback, and help you showcase your experience before you apply.
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Step 4


Hit apply!

Find the job/internship and hit the apply button to submit your finished resume and cover letter – but don’t stop there! Follow the tips in Step 5 to get ready for your interview.

Step 5

How to Get the Interview

Be a better applicant.

Follow these tips and tricks for communicating with your potential job/internship employer.
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Step 6

Prepare for Your Interview

Learn How to Prep.

The best way to ensure that you’ll have a successful interview and land the job is to prepare!
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